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IGERT Degree Program Description and Admissions Requirements
The USF SKINS IGERT Program seeks highly motivated and capable students who endeavor to investigate the information rich outer boundary of humans, skin, using state of the art science and technology, for the purpose of better understanding the complex dynamics of this interface. Students seeking both M.S. and Ph.D. degrees are welcome to apply.
The educational goals of the SKINS degree program are to develop the next generation of technology leaders, who possess: a) multidisciplinary research proficiency b) an international research prospective c) an industry/business perspective d) technical communication and leadership skills
Admissions Process
Prospective students must apply and be accepted to a relevant graduate school at the University of South Florida. Colleges that are affiliated with the SKINS IGERT Program include Engineering, Medicine, Marine Science, Arts and Sciences, and Business. Prospective IGERT Fellows must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident and must also complete an IGERT Fellowship Application Form.
It is recommended that prospective applicants contact one of the following persons prior or in addition to filling out the application: i) Dr. Shekhar Bhansali MEMS Sensors ii) Dr. Srikant Hariharan Nano Particles and Processing iii) Dr. Don Hilbelink Tissue Dynamics and Modeling iv) Dr. Nagarajan Ranganathan VLSI, Information Processing v) Dr. Tom Weller RF MEMS and Microelectronics
Degree Program
Degrees will be granted from one department only, as determined by the supervising faculty committee and contingent upon student being accepted into the college. A minor in a complementary field will be required.
Students will be co-supervised by at least two faculty advisers from EE, CS, Physics, Medicine, Chemistry, Biology, Marine Science, and/or business and (potentially) industry representatives.
Four core courses must be completed relating specifically to the IGERT program vi) Sensor Design and MEMS Fabrication vii) Biology of Human Skin viii) Sensor Characterization Laboratory ix) Sensor Information Processing
Stipends and Benefits
SKINS Fellows will receive an minimum annual stipend of $27,500 plus a tuition allowance. Summer overseas internships are available to some participants, and all fellows receive travel support to attend one professional symposium each year.

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