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Student Application and Selection Process:

  • April 15 Annual deadline for receipt of applications.  Application packets from candidates will be complete and final, except perhaps for reference letters which may be requested at a later date.  Students will be requested (via on-line instructions on the SKINS web site) to submit information that includes transcripts, complete resume, and other supporting documents in addition to the on-line application form.
    • After applications are received they will be pre-screened by the IGERT Executive Committee.  Those viewed as strong candidates will be put on the list that is routed to faculty who are involved with the IGERT program for further review.  If a faculty member finds a student of interest, it is suggested that he/she contact the student.  If the faculty member wishes to recommend a student, a 250 word project description should be submitted to the Executive Committee as part of the faculty recommendation process (see below).
    • Student applications may be received at other times during the year.  Those students who appear to have extremely high credentials may be considered for fellowships outside the regular selection schedule.
    • Faculty who are involved with the IGERT program are encouraged to solicit student applicants, and may inform the IGERT Executive Committee when they have done so.
  • May 1 Deadline for receipt of faculty recommendations.  For each student recommended, a 250 word project description should be proposed.  The proposed research should clearly demonstrate faculty teaming and the interdisciplinary nature of the project.  Effectively the students should have two or more co-Major Professors.  Industrial participation and mentoring is encouraged.  Students recommended by a faculty member may come from the student names distributed by the EC, or independently from the faculty member.  In the latter case the submitted project description must contain all necessary application information.
  • June 1 Fellowship award letters are sent to selected students.  The Executive Committee makes final decisions based on student performance, research potential and support/continuation plans.
  • August 1 Deadline for acceptance of fellowship.
  • December 1 Upon request, students may receive an extension for acceptance of the fellowship to December 1.  Further extensions may be granted depending on the circumstances.

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