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Non-invasive RF/MW sensors for measurements of dielectric properties of skin and other body tissues


Project outline

The main focus of my Ph.D. project in applied physics is development and characterization of tunable oxides, especially BaxSr1-xTiO3 and BaFe12O19. For more information about tunable oxides, click here.

As a part of the IGERT-SKINS program, I am planning to address some physical properties of human skin and other tissues, in particular the dielectric properties in the frequency range DC - 3 GHz. The outline of our goals is given bellow:

  • Development of electrically and magnetically tunable thin films.

  • Development of a MEMS sensor for non-invasive measurement of dielectric properties ε'(f), ε"(f) of human skin and other tissues.

  • Utilizing tunable oxide thin films into the sensor microstructure for sensibility improvement.

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